Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nursing Mother & Baby Statue

With the abundance of artwork on the internet, rarely do I come across a piece that makes me look twice, never mind one that repeatedly draws me back after first viewing. Strikingly beautiful and masterfully crafted, "Mother and Baby" by Russia-born Jakob Wainshtein appeals to me on so many personal levels-as a woman, mother, breastfeeding counselor, woodworking artist. Completely handmade from a solid piece of Basswood, with a French polish covering, this stunning portrait of mother and baby nursing perfectly captures the closeness, simplicity and natural love of this intimate relationship.

Wainshtein has been perfecting his unique art for over 40 years. He is known for his original wooden carvings, artistic photography, industrial ergonomics, and numerous inventions and designs in the area of mechanical engineering. His delicate and unique stylization of the female form is something to behold.

If it were within my means I'd snap this baby up in an instant. Sadly, it is not, but someone should own this lovely piece! You can purchase this and other wonderful works from Wainshtein's Etsy shop: Jakobarts

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