Friday, June 10, 2011

Mom Made: The Clingy Cord!

What mother hasn't found themselves in this scenario: You're in the car with your toddler securely strapped in the back in their car seat. She's happily gazing out the window, sipping on some juice or playing with their favorite plushy. Then, suddenly, you hear a dull "thud" followed by a piercing scream as said juice/plushy is thrown to the floor. Especially if you're a shorty like me, there's no safely reaching back to pick up the dropped object to stop the screaming.

Enter the Clingy Cord, invented by just such a mom, with three kids under six!. Designed to attach to car seats, high chairs, shopping carts, strollers and more, the Clingy Cord includes loops and a sliding knot to hold baby's bottle, sippy, favorite toy or blanket! with 3 kids under 6!

I can tell you from experience that this has made car trips infinitely more pleasant, and has saved Zoey's juice cup from being thrown to the dirty floor of restaurants, grocery stores and playgrounds! Makes a great shower gift- a definite must have for any new mom!

You can purchase the Clingy Cord from CaitiMacCreations here.
Find the Clingy Cord on Facebook here.

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